About Me & The Blog

This is me, Lance, the man behind the blog.

I am Lance and this is my blog!  I am pursuing my Master of Social Work at Marywood University, 2013-2015.  This blog is going to be a spot for me to talk about my views and experiences as a Unitarian Universalist searching for his religious path.  I am obsessed with, and therefore talk about, Latin American Culture, Music, and Languages.   I will also explore Various World Religions, Spirituality, Theology,  Liberal Forms of World Religions, Interfaith Work, LGBT Rights, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Women’s Empowerment,  Music, Art, International Development, Social Welfare, Graduate Studies at the Masters and Ph.D. Levels, Sustainability, Philosophy and Ethics, Social Media, and probably a lot more that I stumble upon.

I am 35 (born in December 1977), I live in Western Massachusetts, and I am married to the wonderful and amazing Kenny.  I am fully obsessed with studying and learning intimately about World Religions and Spirituality.  I also have a deep passion for Therapy, Mental Health, Social Work, Social Justice, Health Psychology, Gerontology, Women’s Empowerment, LGBT Rights, Non-Violent Revolution, Democratic Socialism, the Pirate Party, Social and Environmental Sustainability, Social Movements, Immigration, and Community Organizing.

Please enter my site with an open mind, know that this is just MY view and take on things, and I will likely evolve and change as time goes on.  I am trying hard to embody nonviolence in both word and deed, so I ask you to do the same here if you comment, which I encourage strongly!  I give respect and tolerance to other religions, so I ask that you do the same here, and offer me the same.

Enjoy, engage, and please feel free to contact me via email: lereynol@gmail.com

Lance F.R.

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